Nurse - Bekaa

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Nurse - Bekaa

Core responsibilities:

To provide medical support and referrals when needed.

Train staff on basic first aid.

Provide awareness to parents on health conditions of their child.

Supervising children within the facility as well as during outdoor playtime.

Assisting children in their activities, including educational activities.

Supervising and assisting children during meals and snacks.

Assisting with hygiene and, in the case of younger or special needs children, changing diapers or assisting with using the toilet.

Paying attention to a child's emotional state and development, reporting concerns to a supervisor.

Being a Nurse involves having extensive knowledge of children. It requires knowing what makes them happy; keeping them entertained and being able to teach them in a way that they can readily understand. Many educational institutions specialize in this field and individuals can study Teaching, Child Care, Social work, Education or subject specific teaching.

Working and Playing With Children 
• Being Proactive and Motivated 
• Leadership and Organization 
• Professionalism and Teamwork 
• Communication and Listening 
• Knowledge Of Children’s Story and Nursery Rhymes 
• Being Flexible and Understanding 
• Being Happy and Funny 
• Stress Management and Control 
• Initiative and Time Management 
• Taking Care Of Children

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