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General objective of the job


The Psycho-Social Animator works with children in a safe and secure environment, according to the children’s age & situation, by stimulating, encouraging participation and interaction between children. S/he provides empathy & psycho-social support to the vulnerable children through the implemented psychosocial support activities in the Centers.


Position in the organisation


The Psycho-Social Animator is part of the Program Implementation Department reporting to the Project Manager.

S/he does not manage staff.


Result areas


  1. Organizing and Implementing Activities


  • Implements the activities according to the children’s ages and situation.
  • Organizes and delivers recreational activities for targeted children.
  • Promotes, ensures and establishes the child as a central actor in the activities.
  • Promotes unity between children through collaboration & cooperation in child-friendly activities.
  • Identifies within the activities the children in need of further assistance and report any observed problem of a child to the social worker for necessary support or referral to other supportive network.
  • Acts in the best interest of the child byswitching negative emotions into positive interactions.
  • Plans a daily/weekly activity schedule that includes recreation, expressive activities like drama, drawing and time for small group/large group activities.
  • Posts the schedule that should include various activities for each age group that engage girls’ active participation;
  • Implements a variety of structured games and activities within the Child Friendly Space, catering to the needs of children of different ages, genders, and abilities.
  • Ensures equal participation by girls and boys, children who have mental or physical special needs.
  • Establishes a rotation system to promote the sharing of equipment and games between children.
  • Ensures that children feel comfortable, safe and respected.
  • Ensures a safe and child-friendly atmosphere within the Centers including no physical discipline or fighting occurs.
  • Ensures that children will be safe going to and from the Centers  .
  • Ensures that all games and equipment are accounted for and stored securely at the end of the day.


Result: Psychosocial support activities are implemented in such matter the children are reached.


.2.      Coordination


  • Assists in the coordination and delivery of community child protection awareness raising sessions.
  • Organizes joint events with children from various communities for child harmonization.
  • Commits to the vision and goals of War Child Holland in Lebanon, including adherence to the Child Safety Policy.
  • Conducts a visual assessment of the children to see if any have protection concerns and/or identify children who are malnourished, or who have health or psychosocial risks. When needs identified, report to supervisor.


Result: Coordination and cooperation is conducted in such matter that the special cases are referred.


Knowledge and Experience


Technical Degree Field of education

Compulsory experience in animation with children or any related field.

Experience in providing recreational activities to children (drama, play, games, circus, sport, storytelling, drawing/painting, artistic activities, music…)

Knowledge of child protection and psycho-social support.


Skills and Competencies


Strong social and communication skills

Fluency in Arabic and good in English

Cultural sensitivity


Familiarity with creative methodologies

Positive role model and demonstrate conflict-solving behaviors

Child-friendly approach

Positive, respectful attitude and collaborative approach to diversity.

Ability to work independently as well as cooperatively with team members.

Capacity to work in small teams and flexibility to take on new tasks.

“Commitment to the vision and goals of War Child Holland in Lebanon, including adherence to the Child Safety Policy, is essential”.

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