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General objective of the job

The Psychologist has the knowledge and practical skills to carry out group intervention designed for children at risk, using the organization methodology and specific approach that is in line with child protection minimum standard policy.

Position in the organisation

The Psychologist is part of the Programme Development Department.

Essential functional relations: Technical Coordinators.

Reports to: Psycho-social support coordinator.


Result Areas


1-      Implementing activities in the field


Group intervention (Focused PSS)

  • Conduct ‘Focused psychosocial activities’ for high risk children in their community at least one time per week per group following war Child curriculum and as per war child standards.
  • Conduct awareness sessions based on the needs of the community.
  • Ensure that the activities are done in a clean, hazard free, quiet and ‘private’ location
  • Ensure that all beneficiaries participate in the focused program in a non-discriminatory  as well as age and gender sensitive and appropriate approach;
  • Ensure that the children feel safe, comfortable and respected
  • Ensure that all children and caregivers are aware of any accountability/ complaint mechanisms
  • Encourage participants to talk about and explore their feelings and behavior
  • Ensure that parents/caregivers get frequent feedback about their child’s participation during the sessions in presence of the child (if needed).






2-      Competency Building and supervision

  • Designs and provides briefings, Training of Facilitators; and tailored trainings where needed for program staff interns and volunteers.
  • Provides ongoing support, guidance and advice to Psychology/Social Work Interns and volunteers.
  • Lead weekly supervision meetings on Focused PSS implementation.



3-         Developing PSS standards and tools

  • Gathers input in collaboration with the PSS coordinator for program development and monitoring, rolling out standards, methods and tools
  • Ensures that WCH methods and standards for the implementation of Focused PSS programs are revised and remain up to date based on WCH programming practice and international standards,
  • Stimulates and monitors Focused PSS programming



4-      Handling Administration activities

  • Collect attendance of participants in the activities, and fill in weekly reports as required
  • Respect and abide to the organization’s internal code of conduct and child protection policy
  • Develop individual and group progress report and maintain a filing system of children respecting confidentiality.
  • Collects and documents feedback from the field on the implementation of the methodology including challenges and lessons learnt
  • Ensure an individual carrying out of the evaluation tests
  • Ensure the carrying out of the organization required assessment tools
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


5-      Knowledge&Experience

  • MA in Psychology (Preferably Clinical Psychology)
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of experience in a relevant field (focused PSS – Supervision – Training experience) ;
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of experience in working with an (I)NGO in an international/ humanitarian context;
  • Background/contextual knowledge and sensitivity concerning conflict and humanitarian context;
  • Preferably previous experience in working with refugee/vulnerable populations


6-      Skills

  • Fluency in Arabic required; proficiency in English is a plus
  • Team oriented, with ability to take own initiative and work independently;
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Listening skills, observation, sensitivity, sincerity, discretion, empathy, values diversity, excellent communication skills.

“Commitment to the vision and goals of War Child Holland in Lebanon, including adherence to the Child Safety Policy, is essential”


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