Theater Role Play

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Theater Role Play

Testing several Competency Assessment Tool for the EQUIP project through Theater Role-Plays


War Child (WCH) is an independent and impartial international non-governmental organization investing in a peaceful future for children and young people affected by armed conflict. WCH strives to empower children and young people, while enabling adults to bring about positive and lasting change in the lives of conflict-affected children and young people. In support of the quality of programs, WCH is involved in a platform called EQUIP to develop and test assessment tool to test the competences of practitioners working with children and their caregivers. WCH isintending to conduct testing of the tool with facilitators implementing psychosocial interventions with children using the EASE intervention methodology.

Project background

The Research and Development department at WCH has developed a multi-year research agenda that combines work towards evidence-based, socio-ecological, integrated and multi-level care services with validated quality implementation standards. The research agenda therefore goes beyond simply demonstrating evidence for implemented interventions, but improving the understanding of how such interventions can be implemented with sufficient quality in real-world low-resource settings. 

As part of that research agenda, WCH is involved in the EQUIP platform to develop and test multiple assessment tools to test the competencies of facilitators working directly with children and their caregivers. Once ready, these tools canassist in recruitment, evaluation and identification of training needs, and as a framework for providing structured and systematic supervision for service providers.WCH is part of a larger research consortium also called EQUIP that will test multiple tools in 7 countries.

WCH will use the competency assessment tools with EASE Facilitators. EASE is comprised of seven group sessions for young adolescents and includes evidence-based techniques: psychoeducation, stress management (slow breathing), behavioral activation, problem solving and relapse prevention. There are also three group sessions for caregivers which include the following discrete strategies: psychoeducation, active listening, stress management (slow breathing), quality time, praise and showing interest in their child, caregiver self-care and relapse prevention for their child. 

Description of the task:

To evaluate the psychometric properties of the We Act tool, it is required to observe the performance of facilitators while implementing the EASE session with a group of children and caregivers. War Child is seeking the services of a theater group to develop and perform role-plays that will be tested on a group of facilitators pretending them to implement a sessions of the EASE intervention. The actors will perform as children between the ages of 10-14 years old and later as a group of caregivers. External expert raters will observe the facilitators and their reactions to behaviors exhibited by the children and caregivers, scoring their performance using the different tools.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. In cooperation with WCH’s team, perform the written standardized role-play scripts prepared by War Child that simulate real life scenarios, ensuring that the 35 competences of the We-Act ENACT and Group-ACT tools are reflected. The scenarios will include both group and individual sessions. The total duration of both the group and individual role-plays is expected to be 60 minutes.
  2. Recruit and train 4-5 actors (18-35) on the standardized role-plays.
  3. Phase 1: shooting of the videos, and delivery. Phase 2: Live Role-plays for the pilot. Phase 3: live Role-plays for the real implementation.
  4. Conduct and video-record 3 rehearsal sessions of the role-plays (scripts are ready) with the actors.
  5. Delivery of three edited videos, time to be discussed when approved.
  6. Perform the approved standardized role-play about 120 times, to be scheduled approximately 2-5 times per day in the locations of WCH offices and WCH Partner CBO’s:
  7. To write a comprehensive report (in English) presenting the accomplishments and challenges throughout implementation.
  8. Maintain full adherence to ethical standards and child safeguarding policies throughout implementation of tasks.


  • 3 video recordings and edited of a rehearsal session of the role-play with the actors.
  • Conduct three standardized role-plays 120 times to be scheduled of about 2-5 times per day in the locations of WCH Partner CBO’s or WCH offices.
  • Final Report to be determined.


  • At least 5 years of experience in performance/theater arts.
  • Availability of 4-5 experienced actors in the age 18-35 years old.
  • Willingness and openness to discussions and possible repetitive changes.
  • Acceptance of moving and performing the role-plays in different locations over all Lebanon/ mainly Beirut/ possibly Tripoli and Bekaa District.
  • Former experience in theater arts related to PSS/MH is preferred.
  • Ability to communicate in English is preferred.


The assignment is of a progressive and a cumulative nature that will start in October 2019 and is expected to be accomplished by end of August 2020. Final report should be submitted by August 31th 2020.

The timeframe for the sub-tasks will be discussed and agreed upon with War Child in line with the study timeframe. Noting that the total working days during this timeframe is around 35 days including rehearsals.

Application Procedure / Expression of Interest

The deadline for submission of expression of interest is 7th of October 2019. The expression of interest should include:

  • A letter of interest, highlighting the relevant knowledge, skills and experience of the Theater group
  • CV of the theater group showing earlier work experiences.
  • A technical offer showing the timeframe for implementing each of the tasks
  • A financial offer showing details of the daily rate for each task and total fee (in U.S Dollars).
  • Technical and financial offers to be submitted no later than 2 pm. in 7th of October 2019. Please insert “We Act Theater Consultancy-War Child” in the subject space of your e-mail.
  • Consultants of strong technical offers will be invited for a discussion meeting.
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