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The BLN program has been specifically designed for use with out of school children (ages 10-14) in Lebanon. The program has been tailored by War Child to be equally applicable to refugee contexts, and for Lebanese children who find themselves outside of the formal education system. The overarching goal of this program is to provide at risk children with basic proficiency in the fields of literacy and numeracy. The BLN program is aligned with Lebanon’s educational standards. Due to the programs alignment with the Lebanese national curriculum, successful completion of this program should prepare learners to continue their studies in Lebanon’s formal education system. The content of this BLN program covers materials equivalent to grades 1-3 in the Lebanese national curriculum.


The candidate would be responsible to illustrate pictures, images, graphics and any other needed visuals. The illustrations need to be in line with curriculum content and meets specific educational standards. The distinct characteristics of the designs should be appealing for children and meet the educational goals embedded in the curriculum. The candidate would report to War Child education advisor.


Main Tasks:

-          Brainstorming of ideas and designs;

-          Providing and receiving feedback;

-          Engaging in a co-creation process that involves education advisor and curriculum experts;

-          Drawing rough sketches for approval;

-          Producing final illustrations;

-          Managing multiple projects and remaining flexible through revisions while keeping a keen attention to detail;

-          Must be proficient in the Adobe Creative Suites-Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign;

-          Regularly meets with curriculum experts for setting goals and discussing illustrations needed.

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