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War Child is an independent and impartial, international nongovernmental organization investing in a peaceful future for children and young people affected by armed conflict.  Children need to be protected from violence. By using creative and involving workshops we unleash the children's inner strength. We work with children regardless of their religion, ethnicity, social background, or gender. Our work is based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We implement programmes in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Europe. Our head office is located in the Netherlands.


War Child Holland in Lebanon has been actively responding to the Syria emergency crisis since early 2012. War Child is currently co-leading the psychosocial working group in Lebanon and providing protection and psychosocial support services to Syrian children. Our services are also accessed by significant numbers of children and young people from both the Palestinian refugee and Lebanese host communities - contributing to peace-building efforts. In several Safe Spaces across the country, children can begin to recover from the experience of their displacement and access support to boost their psychosocial and emotional well-being. We work to reach as many people as possible through our programmes - including parents and other.


Purpose of the Rehabilitation

In order to increase the capacities of safe access to football fields and include larger number of children, for the benefit of Sports, War Child will recruit the qualified consultant to perform a rehabilitation of football fields in the areas of Akkar and the North.


Main Tasks

Consultant should have enough information and commitment to child safeguarding policy, sign the code of conduct, and all policies related to the respect of children rights, WCH will provide the necessary training and support regarding that.

Phase 1: Tendering:

  • To submit a BOQ for the football fields, work plan and methodology of work

    Phase 2: Supervision and Monitoring:

  • Create a work- plan, signed off by WCH outlining the time-frame for the execution and completion of Works.
  • Submission of a biweekly report outlining the progress of Works execution; challenges identified, next detailed steps and expected completion date.
  • Site visits to the football field in order to monitor the progress of the Works.
  • Establish quality control mechanisms for the execution of Works, including: site inspection, spot checks, material checks.
  • Completion of Works handover document signed off by WCH.

Phase 3: Submitting the final report on work done


Knowledge and Experience

  • Have completed a bachelor-level degree in Civil Engineer or a related field
  • Fluent in Arabic and English
  • At least 4 to 5 years
  • Timeframe

  • Phase 1: Report on football fields, completion of BOQs and tendering: from March 15th to March 30th of 2018
  • Phase 2: Supervision and Monitoring: from April 1st to 1st of May 31st 2018 (80% of Fields) and from January 15th to March 1st 2019 (20% of Fields)
  • Phase 3: Submitting the final report on work done: upon completion of phase 2


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