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Youth PSS Trainer

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Youth PSS Trainer

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Time To Be A Child (TTBAC) project addresses the need to protect Syrian and vulnerable Lebanese children from abuse, exploitation, violence and provide them with skills and resources to foster their resilience and healthy development. The project adopts a community-based approach (CBA) prioritizing participation of all community members, especially children, to ensure future recovery and social stability. To do so, War Child follows the ecological model, paying attention to coping at individual level, investing in capacities and resources of children, support parents and caregivers in their protective role and strengthen communities and institutions to ensure a nurturing environment fostering healthy development and emotional well-being. Children participate in project activities, which focus – amongst others - on the provision of safe spaces where children can play, structured psychosocial support (PSS), early childhood activities (ECCD), psychosocial support to parents, awareness raising and community events as well as capacity building of child protection structures and networks in the communities.

Training Description:

A practical training sessions aiming at creating a space of expression and dialogue between youth giving them the tools to discover their voice, that they will express and project through the making of videos and digital photo/video collages. The trainings will be conducted in five different areas (Akkar, Wadi Khaled, Beirut, Mount Lebanon and Baalback).



The trainings will take place between March and June 2018.



The trainer will be paid the amount of $ per training day. The total amount of $.

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