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Care Giver

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Care Giver

From04-01-2018 Locationna Hoursna Educationna

General objective of the job: To provide guidance and supervision to children at Home of Hope, with a responsibility for their safety, nurture and well-being.


Position reports to: Caregiver Coordinator

Result areas:

  1. Dormitory Supervision:
  • Ensure that dormitory areas are kept clean, tidy and safe
  • Ensure that dormitory routines are adhered to by the children
  • Collect laundry


    1. Children Supervision:
  • Supervise and arrange activities that promote intellectual, physical and social development, ensuring living and hygiene standards are maintained
  • Ensure students are attending classes
  • Accompany students on outings
  • Act as a positive role model for the children, including encouraging personal hygiene, healthy behaviors (not smoking, physical activities etc.)
  • Work closely with the social workers to report any incidents or signs/symptoms of support needed by the children
  • Report any child safety incident to the Case Worker
  • Promote a child friendly, safe and healthy environment for the children


Personal Requirements:


Applicants must be in good health condition, with no medical afflictions that might affect their quality as a professional assistant. A medical report must be provided.


Parental abilities:

Applicants must show educational and caring skills, patience, understanding, altruism, affectivity, flexibility, empathy with the child’s needs, availability to play and ability to discuss matters that concern the children.


Moral conduct:

Care givers can only be persons who have a positive nature, good relationships within the community and without any definitive penal convictions for an intentional crime.


Knowledge and Experience:

Diploma required/Bachelor degree preferred

Proven previous experience in working with children

Knowledge of child rights

Skills and Competencies:

Ability to work under pressure and in a stressful situation

Ability to deal with behavioural issues

Ability to cope with the physical demands of the job

Non-discriminative attitude

Child friendly approach

Cultural sensitivity

Positive parenting skills

Good time management skills

Good leadership skills

Good organizational skills

Sense of responsibility



Strong communication skills

Fluency in Arabic


Adherence to the Child Safety Policy is essential


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