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Female Care-taker

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At the moment we are looking for a:

Female Care-taker

From25-06-2017 Locationna Hoursna Educationna

Required education: High school Diploma


Preferences: Degree in social related field or previous experience working with children.


Languages: Arabic, English is a plus.


Working schedule: 6 days work, 2 days off.  Scheduling is flexible depending on agreement with other in-house staff.  This position demands that the applicant sleep at the institution. 


Required/Useful skills:  For females only. Very good people skills, patient, organized, clean, and active.  Must be able to work with as a team.  Must be aware able to deal with children from difficult backgrounds in a kind and patient manner.  Driver’s license is a plus, non-smoking is preferable, food preparation is a plus.


General responsibilities:  Taking care of various ages of children, ranging from 3-10:

- Creating a daily routine and making sure it is followed

- Helping the children maintain personal hygiene

- Solving conflicts peaceable between children

- Help children learn personal responsibility and respect

- Create and enforce program of positive and negative reinforcements

- Creating interactive and constructive activities

- Creating a helpful and nurturing environment for the children


Note:  House parents will be given their own private room and access to the staff room.  They are allotted room and board (including water and electricity) at no cost.


Approximate Salary: starting 600 USD a month, increasing based on experience and education.


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