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Monitoring Coordinator

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Monitoring Coordinator

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Objective of the job


The purpose of the Monitoring position is to actively lead and support War Child Holland’s monitoring practices by introducing, developing and maintaining systems and tools.

The MS leads in the systematic collection of data, and ensures the effective use of monitoring information and reports to make necessary changes in project implementation and inform programming and project design.


The Monitoring Coordinator plays a key role in building the competencies of staff, partners and relevant actors in programs and projects.


Position within the organisation


The Monitoring Coordinator is part of the Program Implementation Department and reports directly to the Program Implementation Manager. S/he works especially closely with the with the Research and Evaluation Specialist; S/he also works closely with Project Managers and Coordinators, Technical Specialists, the Program Development Manager and with counterparts of other organizations through relevant networks. S/he provides leadership, guidance, recommendations and support to ensure that the monitoring systems meet the needs of programs and projects, managers, and senior management.



Result areas


Monitoring standards, guidelines, methods and tools


  • Develops monitoring guidelines, methods and tools; works closely with Research & Evaluation Specialist so that these align with research and evaluation guidelines, methods and tools;
  • Designs data collection tools as and when required;
  • Leads the development of monitoring plans and supports monitoring aspects of projects;
  • Supports program and project design to ensure adherence to sector and WCH standards for program and project monitoring;
  • Ensures the monitoring components of projects are implemented through guiding, supporting and building the competency of the staff of War Child and partner organisations;
  • Provides advice to the Program Implementation Manager, Project Managers and Coordinators and local partners on necessary adjustments to projects during implementation;

Supports program staff and local partners in the implementation of monitoring tools.

Provides oversight and management of data and information systems


  • Assists program teams to use a Management Information System (MIS) to support data collection, analysis and reporting needs; works closely with R&E Specialist so that WCH Lebanon has a comprehensive MIS system for research, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Assists in the processing, analysis and reporting of data where needed;
  • Maintains a comprehensive schedule of private and institutional funding reports for projects and reviews project/program reports to ensure that reports contain accurate, clear, and high-quality data in required formats;
  • Develop and/or streamline reporting templates that facilitate the acquisition, aggregation and flow of information in and between programs and projects;
  • When requested, in collaboration with the R&E Specialist, supports WCH globally in the development of a country-level monitoring database for capturing project level data which is aligned with country strategic and annual plan; this includes aligning, collecting and reporting on relevant indicators to the organizational-wide monitoring system - LCRP, 6 & 12M, etc.


Capacity Building of WCH staff and partners


  • Supports and builds capacity of the local partner and War Child staff to ensure quality and timely monitoring of programs and projects;
  • Identifies and addresses shortfalls in monitoring and information management and execution in collaboration with Program Implementation and Program Design departments; includes advising and coaching when appropriate;
  • Assists in the recruitment of competent monitoring staff.

Internal and External Coordination


  • Works closely with the Research and Evaluation Specialist
  • Strengthens linkages with external stakeholders to enhance organizational learning where relevant to monitoring;
  • Provides support to and coordinate between offices and programs in all aspects of country-relevant monitoring and information management;
  • Participates in monitoring and information management-related working groups and maintain close working relationships with counterparts in other relevant international NGOs, and local NGOs and associations in Lebanon;
  • Represents WCH externally, in relevant platforms/networks focused on monitoring and information management of programs and projects.



Knowledge and experience


  • Relevant academic background (eg: development, statistics, demography, social science)
  • Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative monitoring evaluation systems and tools;
  • Minimum 2-4 years of active monitoring experience in social development programming required;
  • Proven ability to work productively with a variety of stakeholders to run participatory processes and meet tight deadlines with an emphasis on producing quality products;
  • Experience in data analysis and assessments;
  • Excellent computer skills, including experience with: Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, SPSS, Access, SQL, and any other statistical packages;
  • Background in programming and database management strongly preferred
  • Commitment to local capacity building and the ability to engage local stakeholders in the project design and implementation.




  • Strong organizational and skills
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Strong reporting and writing skills;
  • Able to quickly identify needs / gaps and work towards solutions;
  • Good problem solving skills.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English as well as Arabic.
  • Excellent inter-personal and communication skills; maintains close working relationships with local authorities, international NGOs, and local NGOs and associations.
  • Cultural sensitivity;
  • Result-oriented;



“Commitment to the vision and goals of War Child Holland in Lebanon, including adherence to the Child Safety Policy, is essential”

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