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Response Programme Director

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At the moment we are looking for a:

Response Programme Director

From08-05-2017 Locationna Hoursna Educationna

Objective of the job

1) Ensures that the programme is implemented, monitored and evaluated in accordance with the strategy/s. 2) Leads the team, providing regular coaching and support.3) Represents the programme externally with donors, UN agencies, other INGOs and local partners.


Position in the organisation


This position reports to the Regional Representative.The position is the line manager of the members of the programme management team.


Essential functional relations: Other CRs in Region, Programme Manager (PM), Senior Finance Manager,Management Team Members at HO,, Institutional Fundraising Officer, HQ sub-ordinate managers and support departments at Head Office e.g. Finance, Logistics and HR, regional technical specialists.


Result areas


1. Realisation of War Child’s programme;

  • Final and overall responsibility for the implementation of the programme;
  • Guides setting of priorities and overall team planning;
  • Responsible for the overall supervision on Grant Management, including reporting to donors and donors’ relations (see chapter 3);
  • Monitors annual plan and programme implementation in close collaboration with the team and reports to the RR and HO on programme progress and context development
  • Monitors local context developments and leads adaptation/update of the strategy and programme as needed in cooperation with the Regional Leadership Team;
  • As member of the Regional Leadership Team, coordinates with other members of the Regional Leadership Team and contributes to the implementation of the Middle East strategy.


2. Management and capacity development of staff

  • Manages and develops the Key field team (Programme Manager, Senior Finance Manager, PDA, M&E specialist, staff care specialist) by regularly guiding, coaching, instructing and motivating;
  • Conducts appraisals; team development and discusses career perspectives with key field management staff;
  • Prepares terms of references for key field management staff as needed;
  • Ensures that capacity building of staff takes place;
  • Advises Programme Manager at HQ in recruiting key field management staff (recruited internationally);
  • Recruits key field management staff (recruited locally);
  • Manages well-being of the staff;
  • Ensures a well functioning team and a good team spirit amongst the whole team;

3. Maintain network of contacts/ representation

  • Ensures appropriate communications, information exchange and sharing within field team and with HO;
  • Main Focal Point for coordination with HO on overall aspects of the programme;
  • Develops and maintains productive relationships with other agencies, donors and media with a specific focus on current donors;
  • Represents War Child in meetings and coordination platforms.
  • Ensures partnerships with local (implementing) partners are well managed by the team

4. Fundraising

  • Final and direct responsibility for fundraising for the programme by institutional donors;
  • Develops and maintains donor relations;
  • Ensures that proposals for (institutional) donors are drawn up, according to requirements of the donor.

5. Security Management

  • Final and direct responsibility for security management throughout the programme;
  • Maintains internal and external contacts with relevant parties and authorities related to security in order to be well informed about security developments at all times;
  • Main responsible for political and context analysis
  • Develops/ regularly updates the security plan and ensures implementation by relevant parties and adherence by all staff;
  • In case of serious security incidents, consults the Regional Representative and Director of International Programs before taking decisions (if time allows);
  • Reports to HO on security.


6. Finance Management

  • Oversees and manages the performance of the Senior Finance Manager;
  • Final financial responsibility, including reporting to HQ (to al large extend delegated to the SFM);
  • Maintains efficient financial control (of cash flows, local payment, etc.), accountability standards, procedures and records (to al large extend delegated to the SFM);




Knowledge & Experience
  • Relevant academic background (social science and management) e.g. International Relations, Social Sciences, Business Administration;
  • Knowledge of and proven experience in the Middle East humanitarian context, familiarity with the Response to the Syrian Crisis is essential;
  • +/- 4 years relevant experience in an international/ humanitarian context;
  • +/- 2 years relevant management experience in an international/humanitarian context;
  • Knowledge of and proven experience in programming implemented by local partners;
  • Knowledge of and familiarity with key actors in the Middle East region, relevant donors, relevant INGOs.
  • Proven experience in capacity development of local teams



  • Social and communicative skills for coaching and managing of staff and frequent internal and external contacts;
  • Written & oral expressions skill to be able to write strategy, proposals and reports;
  • Required: English
  • Strong analytical skills and capability to decide in tactical and strategic issues;
  • Strong planning and organisational skills;
  • Able to assess social/ political situations and able to act in a diplomatic way in delicate situations;
  • Strong leadership & solid management skills.

  • Affinity with War Child mandate;
  • Result- focused and persistent to achieve goals;
  • Team player to manage staff and to be part of a team;
  • Creative to think of alternative solutions;
  • Stress-resilient to be able to cope with deadlines and complex problems;
  • Cultural sensitivity

Core Values
  • Impact
  • Creativity
  • Inspiration
  • Integrity


  • Analytical Capacity level 3
  • Result Orientation level 3
  • Networking level 3
  • People Management level 3





Please send your CV and motivation letter to: Ahmad.Dhayni@warchild.nl


Deadline end of this month. 

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