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Social Worker Home Of Hope

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Social Worker Home Of Hope

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1.         Developing and implementing individual case plans:

  • Register each child by filling the registration form upon arrival of children to the center
  • Work with each child individually and closely during their stay to develop an action plan responding to the conditions and the needs of each child.
  • Develop a mapping of services available in the community that could be accessed by children if allowed (vocational trainings, activities, classes…)
  • Implement the action plan agreed upon with the child with ongoing evaluation and adapting to the changes and the resources.



2.         Monitoring and follow up of the cases:

  • Coordinate with MOSA and UPEL social workers to follow up with them on the file of each child and what kind of intervention is implemented
  • Monitor the ongoing process of the cases with UPEL and attend the courts call with the child
  • Monitor and identify child protection concerns, including those between children and between children and employees
  • Monitor progress of each child according to plan, during classes, activities, through individual meetings
  • Identify, advise and if needed provide additional support with families
  • Ensure that confidentiality is respected in all meetings with other employees when discussing cases
  • Refer and follow up on special cases of children to relevant organizations when needed



3.         Facilitate awareness sessions and group sessions:

  • Plan, organize, conduct and document awareness sessions for the children based on their needs, and appropriate to age and sex
  • Conduct group intervention with children to develop their life skills
  • Help the educators and the house parents to implement adequate activities responding to each group age
  • Provide guidance to house parents and educators to facilitate their job with the children (positive discipline, communication skills…)



4.         Ensure proper filing and information keeping

  • Develop and maintain a filing system of children respecting confidentiality
  • Formulate monthly reports on the follow up with UPEL and MOSA, referrals, child protection/child safety incidents and concerns, awareness sessions and group intervention.

Knowledge and Experience


Degree in social work or related field

At least 3 years of relevant experience as social worker

Proven previous experience in working with children

Knowledge of child rights

Knowledge of Lebanese judicial system, specifically related to child protection legislation


Skills and Competencies


Strong communication skills

Strong computer skills

Fluency in Arabic

Strong English skills


Cultural sensitivity

Ability to work under pressure and in a stressful situation

Time management


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