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Community Facilitation Officer Tripoli

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Community Facilitation Officer Tripoli

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General objective of the job


The Community Facilitation Officer is responsible for collaborating with and supporting community based organizations to achieve the objectives of CWTL managed in partnership with War Child-Lebanon. This includes establishing and maintaining effective relationships with the CBOs and others involved plus monitoring and contributing to successful implementation of the CWTL programme pilot and research trial.



Position in the organisation


The Community Facilitation Officer is part of the Program Development Unit reporting to the CWTL Programme Manager in Lebanon. S/he may manage programme staff as delegated by the CWTL Programme Manager. S/he collaborates with the staff of the Program Implementation and Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Units.



Result areas



  1. Mobilizing and facilitating


  2. Develops and maintains good relationships with the CBOs;
  3. Ensures, promotes and facilitates that the principles of child protection and child participation are integrated into all project activities;
  4. Meets frequently with CBO managers and staff to organize programme implementation planning and monitor execution including discussing and making improvements to the programme;
  5. Coordinates and follows up to ensure optimal participation of the technical officers especially related to competency and capacity building;
  6. Together with CBOs develop plans to guide the competency and capacity building process including the retention of knowledge and skills;
  7. In collaboration with the technical officers supports and follows up on CBO members comprehension and skills development to verify that competencies have been developed


    Result: Active participation in the CWTL programme as a result of good mobilization and facilitation.


  1. Involvement of children, youth, parents and caregivers
  • Ensure that the activities are done in a safe, clean, hazard free;
  • Ensure that all beneficiaries have the opportunity to participate in the programme activities in a non-discriminatory  as well as age and gender sensitive and appropriate way;

  • Encourage participants to be actively involved;
  • Ensure that the children feel safe, comfortable and respected;
  • Ensure that all children and caregivers are aware of any accountability/complaint mechanisms;
  • Ensure that parents/caregivers get frequent feedback about their child’s participation


    Result: children, community facilitators, parents and other stakeholders are active participants in all aspects of CWTL including decision making, monitoring and evaluation.


    1. Representation and support


    2. Represents WCH Lebanon in relevant working groups and other coordination platforms as required by the CWTL Programme Manager


      Result: WCH-Lebanon is an active participant in all relevant working groups and networks.



    4. Monitoring activities


    5. Continuously collaborates with CBO staff to monitor and ensure the safety of all CWTL Learning Spaces;  

      • In collaboration with CBO staff, monitors the programme activities in the field;
      • Actively contributes to mutual accountability of CBOs and War Child Lebanon staff;

      • Reports on the alignment of the implemented activities with the child safety policy;
      • S/he will make all efforts possible to ensure that the targeted number is reached while supporting the CBOs;


        Result: Needed changes to CWTL are identified and implemented to ensure programme quality including efficiency.



    7. Handling Administration activities


    8. Supports the Programme Administration Officer in fulfilling their responsibilities;
    9. In collaboration with the CBO staff, collects and documents the needed information for the database for research, monitoring and evaluation purposes;
    10. Prepares and writes weekly, biweekly or monthly reports as required by the programme manager;

    12. Identifies, informs and discusses any issues with programme manager on a timely basis;


      Result: Administration is handled in a way to ensure proper reporting, filing, and data entry



    14. Participating in programme design
  • Participates in the selection of new partners in regions with high vulnerability;
  • Makes suggestions for changes in programme design;
  • Collects information necessary for the design of CWTL





Knowledge and Experience


Degree in social sciences or related field

At least 3 years of relevant experience

Preferably previous experience working with children/refugees/vulnerable populations using a community based approach




Good facilitation skills

Ability to work with minimum supervision

Strong interpersonal skills

Strong communication skills

Good computer skills

Fluency in Arabic and English


Cultural sensitivity


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