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Internal Controller

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Internal Controller

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General objectiveof the job


The Internal Controller (IA) plans and using good metrics, conducts ongoing reviews of all Building Vocational Capacity Project (BVCP) operating processes, procedures and control mechanisms (administration, project management, finance, logistics, security, etc.). From these reviews the IA produces reports that make recommendations on effectiveness and efficiency and identify potential risks and/or breaches of compliance with norms of behaviour, policies and standards.


Position in the organisation


The Internal Controller coordinates with the Project Manager and Project Coordinator of the Building Vocational Capacity Project (BVCP), the BVCP Management Team, the Finance Manager of the Lebanese Organisation of Study and Training (LOST) and the Finance Manager of War Child Lebanon



Result Areas


Processes, Procedures and Control Mechanisms:

  • Carry out regular reviews BVCP processes, procedures and control mechanisms (administration, project management, finance, logistics, security, etc.); makes recommendations to the BVCP Management Team for improvements.  Also identifies any non-compliance with agreed processes and procedures plus relevant policies of War Child and LOST in a separate report and sends it to the BVCP Management Team plus the BVCP Steering Committee
  • Responsible for the development of a BVCP Internal Control Framework that will be used to guide project implementation


Competency and Capacity Building

  • Prepares and facilitates a session on the BVCP Internal Control Framework as part of the project start-up workshop and facilitates follow up sessions when needed. This should include policies of War Child and LOST that are relevant for the project.
  • Provide ongoing coaching to project team members on how to improve project processes and procedures and alert them about any non-compliance issues.
  • Share best practice and lessons-learned on project effectiveness and efficiency with other project teams plus others who may benefit from them.



Knowledge and Experience



Relevant academic background (business administration, program management, project management, financial management, etc.)

Minimum of 3 – 5 years of relevant experience in a similar position;

Knowledge of administration, project management, logistics and finance (Reporting & Budgeting)



Skills and Competencies


Highly organized;



Proactive work ethic;

Strong moral code, including integrity;

Ability to assess and analyze;

Strong oral and written communication skills in Arabic and English;

Good listening skills

Ability to facilitate learning and provide on-the job-coaching;


Ability to work independently as well as cooperatively with team members;

“Commitment to the vision and goals of LOST and War Child Holland in Lebanon, including adherence to War Child’s Child Safety Policy, is essential”


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