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Audio Recording

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War Child Holland invests in a peaceful future for children affected by armed conflict. Our mission is to help war children to change the future.

  1. About Can’t Wait to Learn

Can’t Wait to Learn (CWTL) proposes new cost-effective solutions to the urgent challenges facing education for children in emergencies. By utilising innovative technological solutions with a focus on serious gaming, CWTL builds on concepts which have been successfully piloted in Sudan.

Can’t Wait to Learn has the potential to provide out-of-school children with access to education opportunities, especially in rural areas where no formal schools exist. The programme uses education technology as part of a model of education which is offering certified curriculum level content through applied gaming and personalised pupil engagement. The programme uses a range of innovative, results focused approaches: combining context specific applied gaming and community-based facilitation instead of waiting for formal schools to be built; a strong innovation management staged approach to growth with rigorous appropriate research; and focusing on getting the right partnerships in place.

  1. Purpose of the consultancy

War Child is developing content for a maths game targeted at children in several countries in the Middle East and North Africa. War Child is looking for an experienced sound production company/studio to produce and edit audio recordings used in the Lebanon math and reading game.


  1. Specifications
  • Organize a studio to facilitate quality audio recordings
  • Hire appropriate voice-over talent in accordance with the specification provided (see section 9)
  • Record audio based on the script provided by War Child
  • The audio should be recorded in a lively and encouraging tone, in order to increase children’s motivation and thereby also their learning
  • Edit all files to a top quality .ogg format
  • Name all audio files based on the script provided by War Child
  • Upload all audio files in accordance to the deadline established by War Child
  1. Required skills and experience
  • Experience in facilitating audio recordings, editing and naming files
  • Experience in producing quality audio recordings targeting children
  • Experience working with or for an international organization is a bonus
  • Flexible with the ability to work towards objectives, meet tight deadlines and be able to deal with last minute changes
  • Flexible availability until end of the year
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Engaged, motivated and solution oriented
  1. Copyright, patents, and other proprietary rights

Except as is otherwise expressly provided in writing, WCH shall be entitled to all intellectual property and other proprietary rights including, but not limited to, patents, copyrights, and trademarks, with regard to products, processes, inventions, ideas, knowhow, or documents and other materials which the Contractor has developed for WCH under the Contract and which bear a direct relation to or are produced or prepared or collected in consequence of, or during the course of, the performance of the Contract, and the Contractor acknowledges and agrees that such products, documents and other materials constitute works made for hire for the WCH.

Tothe extent that any such intellectual property or other proprietary rights consist of any intellectual property or other proprietary rights of the Contractor: (i) that pre-existed the performance by the Contractor of its obligations under the Contract, or (ii) that the Contractor may develop or acquire, or may have developed or acquired, independently of the performance of its obligations under the Contract, WCH does not and shall not claim any ownership interest thereto, and the Contractor grants to WCH a perpetual license to use such intellectual property or other proprietary right solely for the purposes of and in accordance with the requirements of the Contract.

Subject to the foregoing provisions, all maps, drawings, photographs, mosaics, plans, reports, estimates, recommendations, documents, and all other data compiled by or received by the Contractor under the Contract shall be the property of WCH, shall be made available for use or inspection by WCH at reasonable times and in reasonable places, shall be treated as confidential, and shall only be delivered to named WCH staff.

  1. Production Timeline

Starting date: October 2018  

Available until the end of the year for several recording sessions:  Dates of recording sessions will be agreed on few days in advance.

  1. Submission

To submit an application, please include:

  • CV of the consultant or a work sample of the recording studio
  • CV of the voice-over specialists including an audio audition of 30 second for the voice
  • Fees of the Services:  A signed quotation including all required details (voice-over specialist’s fees, studio costs, audio costs, etc.). We are expecting candidates will quote for daily rate rather than hourly rate
  • Submission deadline: September 30, 2018. Relevant documents to be sent to: 
  1. Evaluation:

Applications will be evaluated on the following basis:

  1. Compliance and understanding of the terms and conditions in this RfP
  2. Experience in producing and organizing audio recordings
  3. Studio and equipment availability
  4. Flexibility in booking the studio
  5. Price and value for money
  1. Voiceover Specialist

Purpose of the job

War Child is looking for voiceover specialists (f and m) who will become the voice of CWTL’s Lebanon’s reading and maths game through the recording of the in-game audio. The Voiceover Specialists will be hired by the audio production consultant.

Required skills and experience

  • One female voice-over residing in Lebanon
  • Clear understanding of Arabic grammar
  • Experience in acting, storytelling or similar expressionist-focused activities
  • Experience in producing quality audio recordings targeting children
  • Flexible with the ability to work towards objectives and meeting tight deadlines
  • Native Lebanese Arabic speaker
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Available between October and end of 2018.


  • CV of the voice-over specialist including an audio audition of 30 second for the voice to be included in the application of the Audio Production Consultancy.
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