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CSI Intern

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Purpose of the CSI Research Study


The Caregiver Support Intervention (CSI) has been developed to improve the wellbeing of children (age 0 to 12) who have experienced war and displacement. The CSI focuses on the role of parents (and other caregivers of children) in improving the wellbeing of their children. Our aims are to strengthen the wellbeing of parents and increase their knowledge and skill related to positive parenting.


The CSI is a group intervention with nine weekly sessions, each lasting two hours. Separate groups are held with women and men, with 10-12 participants in each group.  The intervention includes several techniques for stress management and relaxation, as well as sessions focused on helping parents strengthen their positive influence on their children’s development and wellbeing. All sessions are delivered by trained, non-specialist providers (i.e. people without a specialist degree or qualification in the mental health or health field).

We are currently implementing an updated version of the CSI in six groups in North of Lebanon (T5 region), after having recently revised it based on expert consultation. Next steps include developing and adapting measures to evaluate the impact of the CSI on parents on children, and conducting a pilot randomized control study of the CSI using those measures.


We are seeking fresh graduate interns to help initiate their research experience while working on basic research tasks with a team of researchers. They will need to be available for meetings and supervision in Beirut.


TheCSI intern should have enough information and commitment to child safeguarding policy, sign the code of conduct, and all policies related to the respect of children’s rights. WCH will provide the necessary training and support on these topics.


Main Tasks

-          Complete Data Entry and translation tasks.

-          Assist with various qualitative and quantitative research activities.

-          Work within a team and have a professional and ethical attitude towards all involved

-          Use feedback provided by supervisors to improve practice

-          Attend and participate in reflection meetings when needed



Knowledge and Experience


-          BA degree in social sciences.

-          Fluent in Arabic and English. Previous translation experience is a plus.

-          Excellent command of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, & Power Point).

-          Previous experience working with parents and children is a plus.


Timeframe – CSI intern

-          Part time work ASAP, ideally by end of September 2018 till end of December 2018.

-          Total number of hours requested is: 120 hours



-          The CSI intern may complete some of his tasks from home. She/He will be reimbursed for transportation costs when required to travel to and from our office (8,000 LBP/day=5.33$).

-          Lunch allowance will be provided for days spent at the office.

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