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General objective of the job


The Psycho-Social Animator works with children in a safe and secure environment, according to the children’s age & situation, by stimulating, encouraging participation and interaction between children. S/he provides empathy & psycho-social support to the vulnerable children through the implemented psychosocial support activities in the Centers.


Position in the organisation


The Psycho-Social Animator is part of the Program Implementation Department reporting to the Project Manager.

S/he does not manage staff.


Result areas


  1. Organizing and Implementing Activities


  • Implements the activities according to the children’s ages and situation.
  • Organizes and delivers recreational activities for targeted children.
  • Promotes, ensures and establishes the child as a central actor in the activities.
  • Promotes unity between children through collaboration & cooperation in child-friendly activities.
  • Identifies within the activities the children in need of further assistance and report any observed problem of a child to the social worker for necessary support or referral to other supportive network.
  • Acts in the best interest of the child by switching negative emotions into positive interactions.
  • Plans a daily/weekly activity schedule that includes recreation, expressive activities like drama, drawing and time for small group/large group activities.
  • Posts the schedule that should include various activities for each age group that engage girls’ active participation;
  • Implements a variety of structured games and activities within the Child Friendly Space, catering to the needs of children of different ages, genders, and abilities.
  • Ensures equal participation by girls and boys, children who have mental or physical special needs.
  • Establishes a rotation system to promote the sharing of equipment and games between children.
  • Ensures that children feel comfortable, safe and respected.
  • Ensures a safe and child-friendly atmosphere within the Centers including no physical discipline or fighting occurs.
  • Ensures that children will be safe going to and from the Centers  .
  • Ensures that all games and equipment are accounted for and stored securely at the end of the day.


Result: Psychosocial support activities are implemented in such matter the children are reached.


.2.      Coordination


  • Assists in the coordination and delivery of community child protection awareness raising sessions.
  • Organizes joint events with children from various communities for child harmonization.
  • Commits to the vision and goals of War Child Holland in Lebanon, including adherence to the Child Safety Policy.
  • Conducts a visual assessment of the children to see if any have protection concerns and/or identify children who are malnourished, or who have health or psychosocial risks. When needs identified, report to supervisor.


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