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Purpose of translating the Game Feedback

Translate transcripts from Arabic into English


Main Tasksand Responsibilities:

-          Translator should have enough information and commitment to child safeguarding policy, sign the code of conduct, and all policies related to the respect of children rights, WCH will provide the necessary training and support regarding that.

-          Adhere to the organizational system used to organize and translate the data.

-          Use feedback provided by supervisor to improve practice

-          Translate the document from English to Arabic ensuring the original meaning is retained and taking consideration the technical related terms.

-          Insert into the word document all tables and illustrations (when available) in addition to keeping the Arabic version in the same order and form of the English version.



-          Translate the transcribed interviews and focus group discussions from Arabic into English.

-          Submit one well edited word document for each file that include translation of original files.

-          Deliver final English version of the document by agreed upon date with War Child Holland.



-          Translator will receive a payment  per word for translation from Arabic to English

-          The cash amount of fees will be issued by War Child Holland after the completion of the assigned task.

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