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General objective of the job


The Driver ensures that the staff have confidential, safe and punctual transportation, and take care of War Child Holland Cars and assets.


Position in the organization


The Driver is part of the Support department reporting to the Security Coordinator.

S/he does not manage staff.



Result areas


Transportation of staff and goods


  • Transports War Child personnel, guests, goods and/or items safely;
  • Fills in the Vehicle log accurately after every trip, including authorization of security and Logistic officer, OSM and/or Country Director;
  • Immediately reports accidents, and follows procedures as stated in the ‘vehicle use manual’;
  • Fully obeys the driving laws of the country. This includes the use of seatbelts and absence of using weapons, alcohol and/or other drugs;
  • Stays with the car as to be able to monitor radio communication;
  • Uses the vehicle only for War Child purposes. Using the vehicle for other purposes needs explicit permission of Security and Logistic officer, OSM or/and Country Director;
  • Reads and understands the ‘vehicle use manual’ and to follow its regulations;


Result: staff and goods are transported in such a way that follow up is done and reporting is done.


Maintenance and Logistics


  • Notifies the Security Officer at least one week in advance of any repair or regular maintenance required to the vehicle;
  • Performs maintenance of the vehicles i.e. routine check of engine oil, window wiper, radiator, air pressure of tires, brake fluid, fastening of battery terminal, oil leakage under car, etc.
  • Ensures the vehicle is clean from the inside and the outside;
  • Ensures that the fuel tank is always sufficiently filled at the end of the day shift and full before the weekends;
  • Maintains the medical box, fire extinguisher and tool kit at all times whilst in charge of vehicle;
  • Any other task appointed by the line manager;



Result: Car maintenance are handled in such a way that the cars are clean and maintained at all times.




Knowledge and Experience


Possession of a valid public driver license for cars (optional: trucks);

At least a basic knowledge of car maintenance. And the driver should be familiar with the Lebanese roads;


Skills and Competencies


Good command of Arabic;

Service oriented;

Ability to adapt and be capable to deal with difficult security conditions;


Cultural sensitivity;

Available to work outside working hours and weekends;



“Commitment to the vision and goals of War Child Holland in Lebanon, including adherence to the Child Safety Policy, is essential”


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