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War Child Holland would like to invite qualified candidates to apply for the consultancy of video-editing for our Sports and Humanitarian Assistance (SaHA) project in Lebanon.

About the project: Our Sports and Humanitarian Assistance (SaHA) programme in Lebanon draws on the power of football to promote social cohesion. In the programme young people are trained to become mentors to their peers. The programme uses football, and other team sports, as a platform to harness the participation of children and young people in designing their own activities and events to improve their communities. A key part of the programme is the WorldCoaches initiative, which serves to train and educate young football coaches (youth leaders) to support the social development of their players and communities.

The programme focuses on Lebanese, Palestinian, and Syrian youth leaders and children living in the most vulnerable communities (Youth leaders: ages above 18 and children ages 12-17).

Communications Objective: Portray the increased social cohesion between host and refugee communities in Lebanon. Document the positive change achieved by the youth leaders in their communities, prove it works.

We showcase, based on facts and results and through storytelling. We show the positive development, increased cohesion and shared understanding between different communities. We document children’s change of view on the activity during the course of the project with the support of trained youth leaders.

How:  The children and youth participating in the project are the best equipped to tell what impact this project has on their lives and communities. They feel the importance of social cohesion and how their lives are benefiting from a strong community with mutual respect, support and care for each other.

They experience the changes that are happening in their communities and would like to share these with a broader audience to inspire others to make the same changes as they know they are so crucial for any child experiencing discrimination, violence, not respecting the other etc. . That is why the target group of the programme will be in the center of the communication. The partners will provide them the communication platform to share their experiences with both the Dutch and Lebanese audience. The aim is to make use of their extensive platform – mostly through social media - and popularity of football, by inviting a famous Dutch football player (recruited through the KNVB) to support the youth and children by sharing their stories.

The youth will receive a short training and guidance on making small video-stories. Topics that will be included in the videos are: introduction of themselves and their communities, what social cohesion entitles for them: friendship, getting to know each other, feeling comfortable, trusting each other, collaborating for the betterment of the community. Five children/youth are selected in making the videos. The videos will be shared via SoMe channels and websites. The five children play a prominent role in the mini-world cup. The videos will inspire the viewers (most likely youth between 12 and 18 years old, and their parents/football lovers) to think about social cohesion within their own communities, why it is important and how social structures need to be built up in a context of refugees and conflict with the Lebanon setting as an inspiring setting to bring about change, also close to your own home.







Communication products: 12 videos (6 Vlogs by  the Youth leaders – 6 Video stories)  

Equipment needed during filming:

  • Video Camera
  • Camera Operator
  • Producer
  • HD Equipment
  • Sound Equipment


Style:                                                      vlogs by the youth (guidance of a professional videographer)


  • 1 day training on making videos (by the Lebanon team in cooperation with a professional Lebanese vlogger/film maker),
  • Training the youth on the basics of videography, framing, composition and lighting,
  • Planning of the vlogs, selecting and guiding the children,
  • Complying with the quality standards of videos as set in the briefing
  • Setting shot-lists.
  • Footage clean up
  • Translation and transcription
  • Footage transfer to our Head Office in the Netherlands

Channels:                                              SoMe, websites, newsletters

Timing:                                                   May – August 2018            


*The selected candidate will work directly with War Child’s Communications Advisor

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