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War Child Holland (WCH) is an independent and impartial international non-governmental organization investing in a peaceful future for children and young people affected by armed conflict. We strive to empower children and young people while enabling adults to bring about positive and lasting change in the lives of conflict affected children and young people. In the next five years (2016 – 2020), based on innovation of our approaches, and solid research of our outcomes and impact, War Child aims to evolve towards a globally renowned and recognised expert organisation in the field of psychosocial wellbeing of children and youth affected by conflict.


The Caregiver Support Intervention


The Caregiver Support Intervention (CSI) was developed to improve the wellbeing of children (age 0 to 12) who have experienced war and displacement. The CSI focuses on the role of parents (and other caregivers) in protecting and strengthening the psychosocial wellbeing of their children. Our aims are to strengthen the wellbeing of parents and to increase their knowledge and skills related to positive parenting.


The CSI is a group intervention with nine weekly sessions, each lasting two hours. Separate groups are held with women and men, with 10-12 participants in each group.  The intervention includes several techniques for stress management and relaxation, as well as sessions focused on helping parents strengthen their positive influence on their children’s development and wellbeing. All sessions are delivered by trained, non-specialist providers (i.e. people without a specialist degree or qualification in the mental health or health field). A recently completed pilot study of the CSI provided preliminary evidence that the intervention improves parents’ own wellbeing and strengthens their parenting. It also demonstrated that our study methodology is effective, and we are now ready to test out the effectiveness of the CSI is a larger sample of families.


The current phase of the study is a fully powered randomized control trial (RCT) to test the effectiveness of our CSI. The study will be implemented in two waves, with three assessments in each wave: baseline, endline (immediately after the intervention), and a 3-month follow-up. We will use a waitlist control design. This means that participants in each wave will be randomly assigned to get the CSI program or to receive the CSI after all data are collected following the 3-month follow-up.

General objective of the position


The outreach worker acts as the first representative of the project among the beneficiaries, their families and local community. He/She will closely work with local communities to ensure that the project activities have widespread acceptance. He/She will lead alongside outreach staff of our partner community based organizations (CBOs) all outreach activities for beneficiaries (home visits, community dialogues, awareness sessions and campaigns). S/he will work closely with the Research Implementation Coordinator to oversee the project implementation and provide support as needed.


Place in the organisation


The outreach worker will report to the Research Implementation Coordinator.

S/he will also be working closely with the Research Coordinator to provide other field support as needed.


Result area


  1. 1.   Supporting the needs of caregivers


     Foster and maintain positive relationships with communities.

     Identify potential beneficiaries and inform families about the study.

     Carry out home visits, community dialogues and any other suggested activities to encourage parents to enroll in the study.


  1. 2.   Logistical and administration tasks


     Fill out clear and complete registration sheets for participating parents.

     Assist in data entry of these registration sheets on softcopy and enter them on the computer for uploading onto the cloud.

     Provide logistical support for the implementation and research activities (data collection) in the centres.

     Collect CBO staff and parents’ attendance sheets every week from centres and any other documents needed by the Research Implementation Coordinator.

     Work closely with Beirut-based Administrative assistant to ensure staff payment, project advances and all relevant administrative tasks are done on time and with no delay.

     Other administrative tasks as needed.


Knowledge and Experience


Degree in social work or any related field

Experience in supporting implementation projects

Strong understanding of refugee issues in the current Lebanese context

At least 2 years of relevant experience working with caregivers/refugees/vulnerable populations


Skills and Competencies


Strong interpersonal skills

Strong communication skills

Good computer skills

Ability to work both independently and collaboratively as a member of a team

Fluency in Arabic

Good English skills


Cultural sensitivity


Job Location: Lebanon (North of Lebanon, approximately 80%, Beirut approximately 20%). Transportation to and from Beirut will be provided by War Child.


Time frame:  The assignment is expected to start on August 1, 2019. This is a full-time position. Initial appointment will be for one year.


How to apply


Interested and qualified candidates are invited to apply before July 5th, 2019. Make sure to upload your English CV and cover letter by using the following hyperlink:


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.


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The safety of children is essential to War Child. War Child does not tolerate or accept any form of abuse. This subject is addressed in our recruitment and selection procedures.