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Data Protection Officer

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Data Protection Officer

From27-08-2019 Locationna Hoursna Educationna
  • Training organization employees on GDPR compliance requirements;
  • Conducting regular audits and assessments to ensure GDPR compliance;
  • Serving as the point of contact between War Child and the relevant supervisory authority;
  • Maintaining records of all data processing activities conducted by the organization;
  • Responding to data subjects to inform them about how their personal data is being used and what measures War Child has put in place to protect their data;
  • Ensuring that data subjects’ requests to see copies of their personal data or to have their personal data erased are fulfilled or responded to, as necessary;
  • Receiving comments and questions from data subjects related to the processing of their personal data and the GDPR;
  • Informing the organization and the staff of their obligations under the GDPR and any other applicable EU member state data protection provisions;
  • Monitoring the organization’s compliance with the GDPR and any other applicable EU member state data protection provisions, train staff on compliance, and perform audits;
  • Performing data protection impact assessments;
  • Acting as the focal point for the data protection supervisory authority on matters relating to the processing of personal data and other matters, where appropriate;

Knowledge and Experience

  • Over 5 years of experience in working with EU and global privacy laws, including drafting of privacy policies, technology provisions, and working on compliance
  • Experience working with IT programming or infrastructure, including certification in information security standards
  • Experience in performing audits of information systems, attestation audits and risk assessments
  • Experience in legal and technical training and in awareness raising
  • Experience in dealing successfully with different business cultures and industries
  • Demonstrated leadership skills achieving stated objectives coordinating with a diverse set of stakeholders and managing multiple projects at once
  • Demonstrated ability to continuously coordinate with multiple parties and supervisors while maintaining independence
  • Demonstrated communication skills to address different audiences, from the board of directors to data subjects, from managers to IT staff and lawyers
  • Demonstrated self-starter with ability to gain required knowledge in dynamic environments and remain up-to-date on cutting-edge developments
  • Demonstrated record of engaging with emerging laws and technologies
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