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Technical Unit Manager

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Technical Unit Manager

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The Technical Unit Manager is responsible for the development, coordination and mainstreaming of Child Protection (CP), Psychosocial Support (PSS) and Education programming within WCH Lebanon and for creating linkages between WCH (CP, PSS and Education programming), UN agencies and other NGOs and local partners.
The Technical Unit Manager ensures the quality of the WCH PSS, CP and Education Programs all over Lebanon and contributes to the integrated implementation of the PSS, CP and Education approach in all the projects.
Position within the organization
The Technical Unit Manager is part of the Program Department and reports directly to the Senior Program Manager.

The Technical Unit Manager is the Head of Technical Unit (Psychosocial Social Support, Child Protection and Education), and manages the PSS, CP, and Education Coordinators.

The Technical Unit Manager is a member of core team for fundraising and concept-note/ proposal writing.

They work closely with all War Child staff especially with Technical Specialists and Advisors in Lebanon and the region, with the Senior Program Manager, M&E Advisor and PMs.


Result areas

  1. Developing  program, methodologies, standards and tools
    • Leads the development of CP programs in coordination with the CP Coordinator and Regional CP Advisor.
    • Leads the development of PSS programs and methodologies in coordination with the PSS coordinator and Regional PSS Advisor.
    • Leads the development of Education programs in coordination of the Education Coordinator, Education Advisor and Regional Education Advisor.
    • Contributes to the development and evaluation of WCH core interventions related to Animation, CP and PSS.
    • Ensures that minimum standards of CP, PSS and Education are effectively implemented in the field.
    • Contributes to the CP, PSS and Education annual plan, Lebanon strategy, and project proposals.
    • Advice on the program/project content, planning, direction and implementation.


  1. Competency Building
    • Designs and leads/participates in competency-building of WCH staff and local partners.
    • Provides ongoing technical support to the CP, PSS and Education coordinators and their staff to contribute to ensuring the quality of implementation of WCH programs.
    • Contributes to reinforcing the personal development of each member of the Technical Unit (CP, PSS and Education).
    • Responsible for the Technical Unit staff being effectively supported through internal and external competency-building.
    • Oversees the competency-building of project staff and allocating the appropriate support of the Technical Unit to each project according to their needs.
    • In collaboration with the regional advisors, contribute to the competency assessment/building of the Lebanon WCH technical coordinators.   

  2. Coordination and representation
    • Ensures that PSS, CP and Education programmes connect with other functions of WCH of work.
    • Aligns the WCH country programme with national and inter-agency PSS, CP and Education programmes, methods, tools, etc.
    • Ensures the link between CP, PSS and Education teams.
    • Leads the process of different teams supporting each other and building the competencies of other staff.
    • Facilitates and guides effective working relationships between technical and non-technical staff including mutual competency building.

  1. Staff management and content support
    • Manages the technical unit of War Child Lebanon (including CP, PSS and Education).
    • Contributes to building the competencies of the CP, PSS and Education Coordinators to manage their teams.
    • Participates in the recruitment of new staff in the technical unit. Facilitates performance assessments including peer feedback and regular discussions with direct reports; facilitates team development and discusses career perspectives. Working with Education, CP and PSS coordinators on their personal development plans.
    • Supports the Technical Coordinators to guide their teams with their personal development plans.
    • Contributes to well-functioning Education, CP and PSS teams plus a good team spirit amongst technical staff.


Knowledge and experience

Relevant academic background in Social Sciences / Psychology or other relevant diploma;

Knowledge of current principles and practices of Child Protection with children in (post)conflict areas;

Understanding of PSS and Education (programming) in (post) conflict environments.

Minimum 3 years (I)NGO work in developing countries / conflict areas, preferably with children;

Minimum 2 years in PSS, CP or Education programming in (post)conflict areas;

Minimum 2 years in staff capacity building and experience in providing trainings.



Ability to express themselves skilfully in written and oral English and fluent in Arabic.

Good concept note and proposal writing skills.

Excellent facilitation skills

Strong critical analysis and strategic thinking skills;

Leadership and coordination ability;

Ability to provide (creative/interactive) competency building;

Excellent communication skills; ability to give and receive feedback.

Affinity with children and young people;

Cultural sensitivity;


Ability to work independently;

Ability to work as part of a team

Willing and able to travel regularly

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